Boats may not be as common a mode of transport like cars or trains, but they sure do have a place in our lives. Not only that, boats are commonly used for recreational purposes which means people use boats more often than one can think. While boats usually seem safe, boating accidents do occur. They may not be as frequent as car accidents, but they can cause serious injuries. So, if you are someone who uses a boat quite often, you should be aware of the common types of boat accidents to be on the safe side.

1. Commercial boat accidents

If you frequently use a commercial boat as transport, you must be aware of accidents that can happen on such boats. Accidents like deck fires, equipment failure, collision with other boats or water vehicles, collision with other objects, etc. can happen because of the carelessness of the crew or negligence of the owners. These accidents can have life-changing effects on those on board as they sustain grave injuries.

2. Yacht accidents

You may love the idea of being on a luxurious yacht but you shouldn’t let your guard down when you are on one. They may be high-end, luxury boats, but that doesn’t make them accident-proof. Untrained crew and arrogant owners can make the vessel prone to accidents. That aside, flouting safety rules, poor maintenance, disobeying navigational laws, and speeding are some of the common causes of yacht accidents.

3. Fishing boat accidents

If you work on a fishing boat, you are more prone to accidents than people who work on other commercial boats. The reason? Well, the carelessness and arrogance of boat owners are usually responsible for these accidents. That is why if you are working on a fishing boat, you must know your rights. Even if you are not working on a fishing boat, but get involved in a fishing boat accident, you must know what you are entitled to.

4. Rental boat accidents

It is very common for people to rent a boat for recreation or exploration purpose. However, not all who rent a boat are efficient enough to drive one through water traffic. Moreover, they may disregard rules. When these things happen, accidents are bound to occur. Accidents can also occur due to mechanical failure of the hired boat for which the owner may be responsible.

5. Pontoon boat accidents

Pontoon boats are commonly hired for recreational purposes and are slower than most other types of boats. However, that doesn’t make these boats any safer than other types of boats. A good percentage of boat accidents occur on pontoon boats. The major causes of these accidents can be attributed to the rampant disregard of safety rules. Sitting on the boat edge or dangling one’s feet over the edge can lead to propeller accidents, drowning, run-over, etc. Accidents can also occur due to consumption of alcohol and drugs and poor driving skills.

6. Party boat accidents

It is quite common to hire boats for social functions like weddings, birthdays, cocktail parties, bachelor parties, and more. Naturally, the major cause of accidents in such boats can be alcohol or drugs. Intoxicated operators can ram the boat against other boats or any obstacle on the path while passengers may tip over in a state of intoxication. Injuries sustained as a result of such accidents are usually serious and can even be fatal.

Different causes of boat accidents

Now that you know about different types of boat accidents, it makes sense to know what causes these accidents. Boat accidents happen mainly because:

1. Careless and reckless driving

Be it self-operated or crew operated, boat accidents occur when the operator is careless. Making risky maneuvers can also be the cause of accidents.

2. Poor training

Many people are enthusiastic about driving a boat themselves but not all are well-trained. These over-enthusiastic drivers may often cause accidents as they aren’t always fit to navigate the waters.

3. Substance abuse

People who hire boats for recreational purposes often tend to drink alcohol or consume drugs. Such people may fall overboard and injure themselves.

4. Mechanical fault

Boat accidents aren’t caused because of human fault alone. Faulty boat equipment and poorly maintained boats can also lead to accidents.

Why should you contact a lawyer?

If you have had a boat accident that wasn’t your fault, you must contact a Boat Accident Lawyer who will be able to sue the at-fault party. That may be someone operating the boat or it may be the boat owner. Whatever may be the case, the lawyer will prosecute the culprit and present your compensation claim before the judge. He will also do his best to establish the fault of the culprit and how you suffered because of the fault of others. This will be best for your compensation claim and you will find it easier to pay your medical bills.