Slip and fall is one of the most common causes of accidents that happen to people. You are walking and you suddenly slip and fall. It may seem that the accident was your fault. But was it? Did you fall because you were not paying attention to where you were going? Or was there some other reason? In this article we will describe some common causes of slip and fall accidents.

In most slip and fall cases, people become so engrossed in the injuries incurred that they fail to pay attention to what caused the accident. In most cases, they presume that it was their fault. However, that may not always be the case. Slip and fall accidents may also occur because of the negligence of others. When that happens, you must find out the cause of the accident and the party at fault. This will help you claim compensation for the losses you incurred.

What Causes Slip and Fall Accidents?

While there may be numerous reasons leading to a slip and fall, here are some of the common causes:

1. Wet Floors

Wet floor is one of the primary causes of slip and fall accidents. The presence of water or other liquids on the walking surface can cause a person to lose footing and fall. This could be in the form of a spill that hasn’t been cleaned or leftover soapy water from a floor cleaning process. Whatever may the cause be, wet floors become the most common cause of slip and fall accident cases in departmental stores, restaurants, offices, and other such areas.

2. Uneven Surfaces

Slip and fall accidents also happen when the walking surface is uneven. This is because people can lose balance when the surface has dips and bumps. This could be the result of wrinkled or worn-out carpets, chipped flooring, cracked sidewalks, loose tiles on the floor, cluttered floors, poor constructions, etc. When these things are not taken care of, slip trip and fall accidents can occur frequently.

3. Weather Conditions

Another common cause of slip and fall accidents is bad weather conditions. Poor weather conditions like hails, snow, ice, blizzard, incessant rain, and more can cause sidewalks, roads, open staircases, and other such areas to become slippery. Walking in such areas can be hazardous as people can lose control very easily on such surfaces. While local authorities and owners must clean and salt their property properly at regular intervals, it is impossible to guarantee 100% safety against weather elements.

4. Footwear

Like it or not, nearly 24% of falls happen because of improper footwear. Footwear that doesn’t offer the necessary traction can increase the chances of a fall, especially if the person is walking on surfaces that are uneven or slippery. Even if the surface has no problems, accidents may occur in the absence of the right footwear. However, it must be understood that the type of footwear you wear has nothing to do with it. High heels and work boots can be equally responsible for accidents if they do not offer the right amount of friction.

5. Poor Training

A common cause of slip and fall accident cases at the workplace happen because workers aren’t properly trained. Employees at industrial sites must be trained on how to walk without falling now and then. This may seem silly to many, but proper precautions must be taken when you are at a work site. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that all workers are adequately trained.

6. Risky Stairs and Ladders

Many slip and fall accidents occur while walking on stairs and ladders. This could be because of broken steps, worn steps, damaged or loose handrails, debris on the steps, polished stairs, wet steps, and more. A person climbing such stairs or ladders will be prone to falls that can result in serious injuries.

7. Neglect at Nursing Home

Statistics show that many slip and fall accidents occur at medical facilities because of the neglect of authorities and staff. Seniors are usually involved in such accidents because of frailty; not that others aren’t affected. Wet or slippery floors, lack of proper support, obstacles on walkways, etc. can result in falls. Since most incumbents are ill and frail, they sustain serious injuries in slip and fall accidents.

Get Legal Help from an Expert

Accidents can happen any time and when they do, it is natural to get injured. If you have just had a slip and fall accident or your loved one has been in such a situation, it is recommended that you hire a Florida Slip And Fall Accident Attorney. Injuries sustained in an accident can be quite grave and may lead to huge medical bills, not to mention the loss of work hours. So, get an attorney as soon as you can and let him handle the case for you. This will save you from many hassles and get you the compensation that you deserve.