Our Firm Assists its clients with all types of healthcare litigation and transaction corporate matters including commercial and corporate acquisitions and sales, asset and liability transfers, employment, business and management agreements/contracts, agency reports, filings and compliance matters, and related litigation. The Firm also represents shareholders, officers, directors, corporations and other business entities in Contract Disputes, Uniform Commercial Code Matters, Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims, Business Torts, Commercial Collections, and Shareholder Derivative Actions in the United States and Abroad.

Crisis Management and Strategic Guidance

Most law firms lack the expertise to navigate through the many complexities of a crisis and the impact they have in client’s personal and business reputation and viability. Companies and professionals alike need experts who excel not only in the courtroom, but also in the court of public opinion, where negative attention including that of the press, can damage a corporation or individual irreparably. Not only is our firm prepared to represent you in the courtroom or during a complex negotiation, we have the media and public affairs experience that allows us to manage high-profile investigate, governmental, and transactional matters that can involve a company or an individual’s finances or reputation.

We address urgent and complex problems quickly and effectively through years of investigatory experience, as well as negotiation, media and courtroom expertise that has been rated among the top 2% of all Firms. Our Firm also has experience in rapid response, working directly with insurance companies, governmental bodies and agencies at the federal, state and local levels. We are experts in planning, coordinating and executing a fast and effective defense to any corporate or professional crisis, implementing legal, legislative and communications strategies developed over decades of experience. Because of our ability to manage all facets of a crisis we have a proven track record of representing clients facing major legal issues both criminal and civil in nature, and often developing before the public eye.