No legal consultancy firm can promise you any certain amount of money but if you engage with Leon’s legal group then you can be assured that you will get the best legal assistance as well as representation in the court who will help you to fetch the maximum amount of compensation for your damages. It is not possible to commit any certain amount of money and even if someone is making your promise about the compensation then you must be worried about the authenticity of their statement. There are some factors which plays an important role in determining how much money you will get such as,

  • How bad your injury is?
  • How long you have to take medical treatments?
  • The amount of your bill.
  • If your earning capacity decreased.
  • How much insurance coverage you have?
  • If there is any additional insurance.
  • If the employer of the party who is at fault is also liable.
  • If the party who is at fault has any bulk assets.