Should I Hire Attorney Or Handle The Case On My Own?2023-03-22T08:03:12-04:00

Handling a personal injury case or car accident case is not an easy task. One mistake can deprive you of getting the right amount of money. To make a successful case, proper documentation, proper planning, and effective negotiation skills are required which you will get only from some experienced law firms like us. Hence, it will be wise to hire an attorney than to handle your case.

Who Will Pay Cost Of My Case? Are They Included In The Percentage Fee?2023-03-22T08:03:13-04:00

There are some costs which our firm will pay on your behalf during the timeframe of the case. Some of these charges are,

  • Copies of records and reports.
  • Mail expenses.
  • Investigation expenses.
  • Expert witness fees.
  • Various other costs.

Likewise, in another firm, we will also ask our clients to pay back our fees once they get their settlement (Percentage fee is not included). But if you do not receive your settlement amount then you do not have to pay us the cost which we have paid on your behalf.

Who Will Pay My Doctors Fees? Do I Have To Pay Any Money To My Doctors After The Case Ends?2023-03-22T08:03:13-04:00

If you have health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid then you will get some or all of your bills get paid by them. If you met a car accident then PIP insurance will also pay some of your bills. Even after that, some bills are left over then, we will try our level best to decrease the number of left-over bills by making sure you get a good amount of settlement from the fault party.

Why Do I Have To Use My Own PIP Insurance?2023-03-22T08:03:14-04:00

According to the Florida laws, PIP insurance works accurately but there are some situations where you will be able to use PIP insurance of other people. These are some ways in which PIP works,

  • If you owned a car during the time of the accident then you will be able to reap the benefit of your PIP insurance, does not matter you are in which car or if you have a fault or not.
  • If you do not have a car at the time of the accident but someone from your family has car insurance at the time of the accident then you will be able to use the benefit of PIP insurance of any live-in family member as per policy exclusion rules.
  • If you do not have any car or you and your family members do not have any car insurance then if the car has the insurance you were in during the accident you will get the benefit of PIP insurance of that car.
  • If you do not have a car and no one from your family has car insurance and you were walking on the road during the accident then you will get the PIP benefit of the car that hit you.
  • However as per owning a car in Florida and you met an accident then you will be able to rep benefit of anyone’s PIP.
If I Get PIP Benefit Will My Family Members Insurance rate Increase?2023-03-22T08:03:14-04:00

If The accident occurred not due to your fault then your insurance rate will not get an increase because you are the victim. Even, in any case, the use of PIP benefits will not make an impact on you or your family members’ insurance rate. It will neither increase nor decrease.

Who Will Pay Me The Wages Which I Have Lost Due To The Injury I Suffered?2023-03-22T08:03:14-04:00

If you have suffered from a car accident then PIP insurance will pay 60 percent of the wages you lost but the amount will not exceed more than 10000 US dollars as PIP will also pay the expense of your medical bills. But to get the money from PIP you should get some documents such as a letter from doctors where he or she will mention the time duration which will be needed to recover from the injuries and also all the medical bills which you have already paid. If the amount exceeds the PIP limit then the lost wages you will get after the negotiation with the fault party.

What Is The Meaning Of The Document Statement Of Clients Rights Which I Got From Your Team?2023-03-22T08:03:15-04:00

As per the law of Florida Bar, every attorney must give their clients in personal injury contingent fee cases which will help the client to understand his or her accurately. After reading the documents if you do not get the meaning of any questions or you have some extra questions which you think we should add there then you should contact us to tell us your grievances. Do not ask the investigator who is going to deliver the documents to your home as per any grievances is concerns regarding the document you must call us or make an appointment.

How Will My Case Make Any Impact On My Health Insurance?2023-03-22T08:03:15-04:00

If your health insurance company has already paid some amount of your medical expenses that are linked to your claim then they will have the right to be reimbursed from your settlement which will be based upon your contract which you have with them. Generally, no firm can guarantee you successful negotiations but as per our track record, we are very efficient in reducing the health care liens for our clients. Apart from this, your health insurance will not get affected by any means.

If I File Suits Against My Landlord Should I Worry About Getting Eviction Notice?2023-03-22T08:03:15-04:00

Does not matter if you are filing a case against your landlord or not if you Have the lease of land for a certain period as per the agreement then your landlord will not be able to give you the eviction notice till the lease period is over. But as per Florida law even if your lease period is getting over then your landlord must give you advance notice.

What Happens If I Lose My Case? Do I Have To Pay Something To My doctors?2023-03-22T08:03:16-04:00

If someone loses their case then his or her health insurance, Medicare or PIP will pay his or her bill partially or fully. Although, no one can make a guarantee of winning a case before hiring an attorney you should know that we have achieved success in helping our clients to get their unpaid bills.

How Much Medical Expenses And Lost Wages Will I Get From PIP?2023-03-22T08:03:16-04:00

If you are in Florida then PIP will pay your bill up to 10000 US dollars for the expenses mentioned below:

  • 80% of the necessary medical bills.
  • 60% of the lost wages.
  • 100% of the replacement service such as housekeeping or childcare.
  • 5000 US dollars of the death benefit.
  • 80% of prescription expenses.
  • Millage reimbursement.

For your kind information, PIP will not pay the total amount of 10000 US dollars if you have not bought some extra PIP insurance as well as you also have to pay some deductible before PIP benefits begin.

What Is Personal Injury Protection Or No-Fault Insurance?2023-03-22T08:03:17-04:00

Personal Injury Protection is a kind of insurance that will help you by paying your medical bills and lost wages that occurred due to the car accident you have suffered. If you are in Florida then as per the law it is mandatory to purchase the insurance right after you buy a car. PIP is also known as No-Fault insurance because you will get the compensation does not matter who caused the accident you or the other party.

How Will My Case Make An Impact On Government Benefits?2023-03-22T08:03:17-04:00

Many of our clients always think about how their case will make an impact on their government benefits. Some benefits such as Medicaid, SSI, Food stamps, and Public Housing gets affected but if you hire us we will tell you the exact steps which you must take to make sure that your case does not affect government benefits. There are many ways we will explore for you to make sure your government benefits do not get hampered and we will make sure that you choose the best option to settle your case. Our law team will ensure that your settlement does not come between you and your Medicare or SSDI benefits.

Will My Case Go To Court?2023-03-22T08:03:17-04:00

Most of the case we handle gets settle without even filing a lawsuit which is quite economical for the clients. But if the situation arises that your case needs to go into court then we will offer you some options which will be better both for you and your family. As the most experienced law consultants, we will recommend you some best options but you will be entitled to take the final call. Even if your case goes to court you will get the best representation on your behalf who will make sure that you get the maximum amount of compensations.

How Much Time My Case Will Take To Settle?2023-03-22T08:03:18-04:00

All the cases we get are not the same, some take a long time and some take less time. But for your information, we have taken 12 to 18 months on average to end a case. Maximum of the cases do not go to the court but in your case, if it goes there it will take a longer time than the others. Sometimes this timeline depends on the duration of your medical treatment. Because we cannot determine the total medical expenses until the medical treatments get completed and the patient comes home from the hospital. Due to this reason, some cases take a long time because a case cannot be closed if the medical treatment is going on hence this issue has a direct impact on the timeline. Some other factors can increase the duration of a case such as if the insurance company does not cooperate, in case of large medical bills negotiation time takes longer but we will do our best to rest the case as early as possible.

How Much Money Will I Get?2023-03-22T08:03:18-04:00

No legal consultancy firm can promise you any certain amount of money but if you engage with Leon’s legal group then you can be assured that you will get the best legal assistance as well as representation in the court who will help you to fetch the maximum amount of compensation for your damages. It is not possible to commit any certain amount of money and even if someone is making your promise about the compensation then you must be worried about the authenticity of their statement. There are some factors which plays an important role in determining how much money you will get such as,

  • How bad your injury is?
  • How long you have to take medical treatments?
  • The amount of your bill.
  • If your earning capacity decreased.
  • How much insurance coverage you have?
  • If there is any additional insurance.
  • If the employer of the party who is at fault is also liable.
  • If the party who is at fault has any bulk assets.
What Does Your Firm Do And How Can You Help Me?2023-03-22T08:03:19-04:00

John Leon has founded this legal consultancy firm to help people like you to get the best settlement against your case. We will offer you a team of experienced attorneys, legal assistants, and investigators. Our legal team will communicate with the insurance company on your behalf to find out the limits of your insurance policy as well as if you will get any additional policies or not. We will make all the documentation on your behalf and send it to the insurance company and with those documents we will send a demand letter to the company. We are very tough negotiators hence we will make sure you get the best amount from the insurance company which will also include medical bills you have already paid. If you do not get the amount you expected we will suit a case against the defendant.

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