Florida personal injury laws are very tricky hence you need to know some facts about these laws before filing a case. Even if you are hiring an attorney still knowing these facts will help you to judge if you are paying an authentic person or not. Suppose you get injured or hurt by some other person intentionally or unintentionally you should be familiar with various Florida personal injury laws that will fetch you a good claim amount. Florida comes under those few states that have no-fault auto insurance laws. Even these laws are there to protect the motorist financially but due to some misconceptions among the people, these laws are becoming detrimental in some cases.
Still in Florida, some people are confused and do not know Florida’s personal injury laws properly which is making them lose their claim amount. For instance, if you have personal injury protection insurance that does not mean you cannot file a suit against the person who caused the collision. Does not matter the person gets permanent or non-permanent injuries he or she can get the claim amount under some circumstances. Under no-fault insurance laws, you can file a suit against the negligent motorist if the cost of the damages exceeds the amount covered under personal injury protection insurance. In Florida, you will get insurance coverage up to 10000 dollars, so if the cost of damage is greater than this amount then you can file a suit against the person who caused the damages to recover the remaining amount. When it comes to filing a case in Florida you have a limited time, you will just have four years from the date of the accident to file a case.

Florida Personal Injury Laws

Sometimes Knowing Less About Florida Personal Injury Laws Can Make You Do Mistakes In The Early Stage.
If you do some mistakes in the early stage then it can jeopardize your claim amount and you will not get the amount you deserve. It is quite oblivious the cost of treating your injuries will exceed the amount of your PIP coverage. Hence, you should speak with an experienced attorney who knows much about Florida’s personal injury law before speaking with someone else. For instance, if you are providing the insurance adjuster a recorded statement about your injuries even before not knowing fully about your injuries then you are just limiting the size of your claim amount. Proper documentation for Florida personal injury laws in the early stage is very crucial if you want to get the amount that you deserve.
Due to this reason, it is always recommended that you must seek legal counsel who will help you to get the correct claim amount, as well as he or she, will help you out with important documentations. An attorney who knows all sorts of Florida personal injury laws will help you to avoid early mistakes such as discussing your case on social media, giving a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster, or accepting settlements too early.

Damages Come Under Florida Personal Injury Laws

Damages are nothing but the harm that you have faced due to the accidents. Personal injury laws will help you to receive all kinds of compensations from the person who is responsible for your damages. These are the compensations you may receive,

  • Current and past medical bills.
  • Anticipated medical expenses.
  • The wage or salary which you have not received because of the absence in the workplace that has happened due to the injury.
  • You will gate compensation for losing the earning capacity due to the accident.
  • Compensation for permanent or non-permanent injuries.
  • Property damages.
  • Cost of hiring someone to do your household work which you are not being able to do because of your injuries.

These are the type of compensations which you will get due to personal injury lawsBefore filing a suit make sure that you mention all of these points in your documents if related to your cases.

Product Liability Claims In Florida Personal Injury Laws

In Florida product liability claims work differently than other types of personal injury lawsYou can file a case if you get injured due to using a defective consumer product. Florida strictly follows this law so the manufacturer makes the product safe for the consumers.

Car Accidents In Florida Personal Injury laws

Many personal injury law cases happen due to a traffic accident in Florida. Florida is a no-fault state hence every driver has his or her car insurance against that he or she would get compensation up to 10000 US dollars. Only in two cases, you can file a suit against the party for the compensation that is if the damage cost is more than 10000 US dollars and if you get serious injuries. As per personal injury lawsserious injuries can be classified into these four following groups such as,

  • A permanent injury.
  • Significant and permanent scarring.
  • Significant and permanent loss of a bodily function.
  • Death (Victims’ family will get the claim).

If you see that your car accident injury is satisfying any of these conditions then you must hire a Florida personal injury lawyer because as per Florida’s statute of limitations you will have a limited time to file a case against the party hence you must seek legal counsel as soon as possible right after the accident.
As per these rules in personal injury lawsyou will get four years to file a case against the party and if you are filing a case against a government agency then you will get three years. It is very evident that Florida’s personal injury laws have given the victims a huge amount of time so that they can be sure about their damages.

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