Accidents can be devastating. Not only do they leave a physical scar, but they also affect you psychologically. They leave an impact that can stay for a lifetime. What makes things more difficult is the string of bills that follow. If you have been seriously injured, your medical bills could run into thousands not to mention the mental trauma that you suffer. You could be incapacitated and be out of work for months or worse, your whole life.

In such a situation, you must contact a lawyer who will be able to get you the best compensation. While it’s true that money isn’t enough to cover the losses that you incur, it can sure make things easy for you. You can get the best medical treatment that you require and also have some financial support till you are back to work.

That said, it isn’t easy to get your money out of truck insurance companies. On one hand, you are partly or fully disabled due to the accident and on the other hand, insurance companies, especially commercial vehicle insurers, are too shrewd to let any extra penny get out of hand. They will try their best to close the case with the minimum compensation possible and that may not even cover your medical bills. So, you need someone who can get you the compensation that you deserve, maybe even a bit more. An experienced truck accident lawyer will be able to present your case before the court and demand the best compensation for you.

What to do after you have been in a crash with a truck?

If you have been in a crash with a truck, you must try to hold yourself together as much as possible. This may be difficult but will be good for you in the long run. Here are a few pointers that will help you:

  1. Do not leave the scene of the crash 

If you have been in a truck crash, you must never leave the scene. If you haven’t been seriously injured, you must call up the police and wait for them to arrive. In the meantime, you can take photos of the crash site, damages rendered to your car, the errant truck, and anything that may seem important. You may also try to gather some witnesses if possible. When the police arrive, tell them your side of the story and let them take action.

If you have been injured, do not try to move as you may injure yourself more. Call up the first responders and wait for them to take care of you. Also, let the police know whatever details they require.

  1. Get a lawyer    

Once your treatment has started, you must contact an experienced truck accident lawyer so that you can claim compensation. If you already have legal counsel to help you, give him a call. Else, contact a reputed truck insurance lawyer and hire him. Sign a contract with the lawyer giving him the details of the crash, any evidence that you have collected, the treatment that you have undergone and will need in the future, etc. You must tell your lawyer every detail related to the accident. Moreover, from this point onwards, your lawyer will be the only point of communication with the opponent’s lawyers, insurance parties, and everyone else, except the police, DMV, and your doctors.

  1. Build your case

Ask your lawyer to register a court case as soon as possible. Your lawyer should gather all the necessary details of the accident. He should do the following:

  1. Hire qualified investigators to gather information from the crash site
  2. Review police and medical reports
  • Meet representatives of the insuring company
  1. Meet legal representatives of the truck company at guilt
  2. Guide you on how to be consistent in your description of the truck crash
  3. Collect evidence from traffic camera wherever possible
  • Enlist eyewitnesses who can provide accurate details
  • Send your demand letter

The next big step would be to send a ‘demand’ letter to the insurer for the injuries and losses sustained. This should, ideally, be done by your lawyer. They will be able to decide the amount of compensation that you deserve. They will accurately put forward the degree of loss or damage that has been incurred and what the ideal compensation would. They can also put forward other terms and conditions as deemed fit for the insurance company to fulfill.

  1. Settlement or trial

The next and final step would be to opt for settlement or go for a trial. If the truck insurance company agrees to your demand, you are in luck and opt for a settlement. You may also have to negotiate with the insurer in some cases. If your demands fall flat on the ear, you have to move court. Your lawyer will represent your case and will get you suitable compensation via the legal route.