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Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorney


Have you ever stopped in Miami, Florida on a Monday morning and thought what makes Florida one of the United States’ busiest state? To your utter surprise, you won’t even get the time to stand and feel there. So do not try to do so. Florida has one of the largest numbers of registered motorcycle riders in the country. According to estimation, 5.6 million residents reside in the greater Metropolitan area of Miami and 25% live in the city limits. Sadly, both the above statistics are related to the uncontrollable increase in motorcycle accidents in Florida.
Based on the facts of the most recent year, there have been 600 fatal motorcycle accidents in the State of Florida. There have been 5,286 fatal accidents throughout the country, and 11.35% of them is only about motorcycles.
The primary reason for such a sorry state of Florida includes several factors. Several case studies and anecdotes have showed that vehicle drivers do not look out for motorcycles. They are ignorant about bike riders as they might be in the car’s blind spot. Or typically, drivers might be looking for other vehicles not likely for motorcycles. Whatever the reason is, all the drivers must abide by the traffic rules and regulations. They have to look out for other riders before applying sudden brakes or changing lanes. The same laws are applicable for a motorcycle rider too.
It is very disheartening to see our loved ones getting into life risk because of someone else’s negligence. If you are also in such a situation, then immediately contact a motorcycle accident attorney in Florida.
We at Leon Legal Group have a team of highly learned and professional attorneys who have won several motorcycle accident cases. They will assist you from your very first step in such cases.

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Frequent Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Florida

It is undoubtedly possible for motorcyclists to be in an accident because of their negligence. But, the fact is that many accidents happen because of the large trucks and vehicles that carry loads more than their permissible level.

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Some of the common causes of accidents are

Distracted drivers

Motorcycles are comparatively smaller than most of the other vehicles driving on the roads. Therefore, it isn’t easy to locate them quickly. During nights the visibility decreases more. Drivers of other vehicles who do not pay much attention to the roads turn out to be the main reason for such high motorcycle accidents in Florida.

Drunk drivers

“Never drink and drive,” which is one of the primary traffic rules that most drivers do not abide by. The result of breaking this rule sometimes turn out to be lethal for others, especially for motorcyclists. Drunk drivers are not in a complete sense every time they drive their cars, and in the absence of their focus, they crash down with motorcyclists

Aggressive Drivers

Sometimes drivers get utterly frustrated with traffic jams and signals. Their agitation gets doubled when they become late for their daily works. The frustrated mindset gets reflected in their driving and usually meets with an accident.
However, many motorcyclists are also responsible for their fatal conditions- driving bikes at breakneck speed, trying to find a way out from the narrow space available between two trucks, and sometimes not obeying the traffic rules.
Well at Leon Legal Group we deal with all of the cases mentioned above. Our professional team of attorneys has several years of experience in regard to such cases. They assure you that if you contact Leon Legal Group, they will certainly take up your claim and will ultimately find a way out for you.
As you are aware of the types of cases we handle, here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in that context:

Which party or who is responsible for a motorcycle accident in Florida?

It is a wrong notion that a motorist is reckless and zip in and out of lanes. However, the truth is other drivers are responsible for the majority of the motorcyclist’s injuries and death. According to the Urban Transportation Research, 60% of motorcyclist’s accident involves other vehicles. Therefore, it can be both of the party’s faults for the accident, or it can be either of them.

Is wearing helmet mandatory while riding a motorcycle in Florida?

Wearing helmet while driving a motorcycle in Florida is not mandatory. But you need to wear it if

  • Your age is under is 21 years.

  • Your medical coverage is less than ten thousand dollars.

What are the motorcycle laws of Florida?

  • Motorcycles can make use of the full lane for driving.
  • No motor vehicle should drive in such a manner that prevents a motorcycle from using the full lane.
  • Two motorcycles can travel side-by-side in one lane.

What are the injuries a motorist can face after motorcycle accident?

Back Injuries: Back injuries can damage your entire life. They might not be lethal, but they can make you paralyzed.
Amputations: amputations can cause life-changing damage to you. You might lose your legs or arms in an accident. Minor amputations might resort you to medical assistance for a few weeks, but significant amputations can destroy your career.
Brain Trauma: traumatic brain injuries are very common. You should wear helmets to protect your head during accidents. If the brain gets damaged by any major jerk, it can alter your life forever.

Rights You Own After Motorcycle Accident Florida

Since we have covered most of the points, here is the concluding part about your rights post motorcycle accident. Your legal rights and options will depend upon the circumstances under which you met with the crash. Florida law does not allow PIP insurance to cover the injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents.
However, if the accident happened for the other party’s negligence, then you can drag the party to court and can hold them responsible financially for your injuries and losses. The parties can be reckless drivers, manufacturing companies that sold the defective motorcycle parts, and even government bodies that couldn’t maintain the roadways. All you need is a motorcycle accident attorney in Florida that will represent your case and will guide you.
So if you are in search of an attorney then contact Leon Legal Group today. Till then, we advise you to drive safely, and God forbids if you ever face any problem regarding the issue discussed above, do not hesitate to approach Leon Legal Group. We would be pleased to help you with our free advice and recommendation.

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