Florida Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Florida Pedestrian Accident Attorney

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), around 7000 pedestrians are reported to succumb to injuries from roadside accidents, and approximately 500 pedestrians are killed in Florida. This makes Florida one of the most dangerous states for pedestrians in the United States. The sad part of all these accidents are; they were preventable.
According to investigation reports, pedestrians older than 65 are more likely to be victims of these tragic events than younger individuals. The primary reason behind such a fatal state of Florida is the poor engineering of the roads and the negligent rash driving of Florida citizens. With every passing year, the mortality rate of pedestrian accidents in Florida is increasing. US government has taken steps to safeguard the pedestrians’ security, but still, situations are uncontrollable.
It is emotionally challenging to witness our dear one in such fatal states. Still, if the affected pedestrians are your near ones, you hold the right to compensate for their accident. We at Leon Legal Group try to provide you with the perfect consultancy against a pedestrian accident. We also guide you on what should be your foremost step in such emergency cases.

The Common Reasons Behind Pedestrian Accidents in Florida

When a pedestrian is hit by a truck, car, or motorcycle, they are at a distinct disadvantage, leading them to so many physical, psychological, and financial damages. The outcome of the accidents can be months of hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation, and therapy.

The common causes of such tragic accidents are

  • Drivers are usually under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Drivers either talk on the phone or texts while driving.
  • Reckless driving beyond the permissible speed limit.
  • Failure to manage vehicles on congested roads.
  • Most drivers do not abide by the traffic rules and signals.

We at Leon Legal Group deal with all the above-listed cases daily. We believe that none of the citizens should be left without justice because of third-party influence. Recovering for the damages made in the accidents are not impossible. All you need to do is file a civil lawsuit and a trusted lawyer for your case.
The professional and highly experienced Leon Legal Group attorneys have already provided their capabilities by winning several pedestrian accident cases. So what are you worrying about? Contact Leon Legal Group today and discuss with us your case in detail. We assure you of complete assistance from our end.
Since we have already discussed the common causes and services, you can expect Leon Legal Group. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in this context.

How Does My Florida Pedestrian Attorney helps me with the case?

If your PIP coverage is not enough to cover your medical bills for the injuries you succumb. You can approach our attorneys and file a personal injury lawsuit against the “at fault” driver. However, insurance companies are unwilling to pay the deserved amount. You need a professional lawyer to combat such “lowball” settlement cases.
Our Florida Pedestrian attorneys will help you get the claim amount by

  • Investigating the case.
  • Identifying the main culprit.
  • Working with the medical team to get the total medical bills.
  • Examining the police reports and other available evidence.

Who is at fault in a crosswalk accident?

According to the traffic signals, if the signal is green, pedestrians can crossroads, unless the green signal is an arrow. The pedestrians can walk only on the marked crosswalk. All the motor vehicles are required to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians that are lawfully within the intersection and crosswalk. If a car crosses the street in yellow light and a pedestrian too, it is the responsibility of both to avoid the accident. If the driver presses the horn to alert the pedestrian, the court might hold the driver at fault, and they need to pay a certain amount as compensation. On the other hand, the pedestrian also is at fault, and he/she will receive only half amount of it.

How much can I expect to recover from the claim?

This is the most common question everyone wants to know before making a claim. However, no attorney can assure you with a definite amount figure. The points that are considered for the lawsuit are

  • Total amount of the medical bill.
  • What insurance is available?

  • Whether the injury is permanent?

  • Evidence of the proof link between injuries and the crash.
  • The type of evidence available to prove your claim.

There are many more factors that you will learn about once you book with the professionals of Leon Legal Group.

How long will it take to process the claim?

Pedestrian accident claims require few months or more to get resolved. The primary reason is time- the time is needed to heal the accident’s injuries. The time is consumed in investigating the entire case and then reaching a conclusion. According to the thumbs rule, the pedestrian accident claims can take 3-9 months in total. Once the case gets a definite conclusion, the verdict is delivered in no time.

Points to look into before filing a case

Since we have covered the significant portions of the topic, the final part is here. The points to be kept in mind is the vital part that you must know before jumping into filing a case in a pedestrian accident.
If you have succumbed to minimal injuries from the accident and your medical insurance can cover the bills, we recommend you not file a lawsuit for compensation. If your claim is about getting compensation only, the court might not grant your case considering your financial capabilities.
You must keep this point in mind if you are aware of your mistake in the entire accident and if it’s more than the driver’s fault, it is better to stay away from legal proceedings. We at Leon Legal Group help the victims win cases and try to prove the truth. Before filing, make sure you have all the personal legal documents.
Ultimately, God forbids if you ever experience any problem regarding the matter discussed above, you can approach Leon Legal Group Florida pedestrian accident attorney. We will be pleased to help you with the best advice and recommendations.

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