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Florida Truck Accident Attorney

If you go by the statistics Miami, Florida has got some of the worst traffic in the world. Needless to say, the cause of such heavy and bulky traffic is the residents, international tourists, commuters, and domestic tourists. The nights are also not left alone.

We have seen full-packed roads at night as well. The well-known fact is that Florida is one of the leading when it comes to truck accidents. Trucks that weigh more than 20-35X than normal vehicles often face accidents that are breaking all records with each passing year.

One of the top reasons for these accidents is the notorious ways these truck drivers drive. The drivers are often reported to be drunk or are in a real rush. Due to the particular time limit that is put in, these drivers are often in a hurry to meet their deadlines. Also, tucks are really very heavy, and often as per reports, they take overload than required. This also turns out to be a real reason for such high rates of accidents. There are more than 10,000 truck accidents in Miami, Florida every year. Also, 3000-5000 of these accidents turn out to be fatal. 4% of them are reported to be shot dead as well. We at Leon Legal Group provide the perfect solution to truck accidents and what is the very first step that one must take in such a case.

Also, we cannot deny the importance of these trucks in Miami, Florida’s economy. They carry millions of dollars of goods and cargo which have a very heavy and high effect on our economy. But we also cannot deny the fact that our running economy is affecting the lives of several innocent people.

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Types of Truck Accidents

Drivers who face theses accidents have a life-changing impact on them. Not only the people who are driving but also their families suffer. That is why we at Leon Legal Group help such cases to get a settlement that may be beneficial for them.

But there is always a solution to each problem. The main reasons why these trucks face with an accident in Miami, Florida is because:-

  • Drunk driving

  • A technical error in the trucks
  • Company error or carelessness
  • Heavy load
  • No-Zone accidents
  • Garbage truck accident
  • Carelessness on part of the driver
  • Overtaking or on-time delivery etc

Well at Leon Legal Group we deal with all the above-listed problems and reasons. No one should suffer due to the error of a third party. Damages made from a truck accident can be recovered and it is not impossible. All you need to do is file a civil lawsuit.

At Leon Legal Group have a group of well-learned and highly experienced professionals who have won several similar truck accident cases. I can give assurance that if you contact Leon Legal Group your case will get a new look and surely they will find a way out for you. Hence without further delay pick up your phone and give them a call. Discuss all the points with them and they will surely help you out.

Now as we have already discussed regarding the things you should do if you are in such a situation let us move forward too few points are to say a few commonly asked questions in this context.

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Which party or who is really responsible for this case?

Well to answer this question we may state that there are people, in particular, who are responsible for the scenario or crash. The truck driver who was driving the truck, the party who is connected to the crash or maybe has hit the truck, or the person who hired the truck driver.

Who should cover the expenses?

Well in this case the truck service provider will surely have insurance. That must be used to cover the insurance.

Why truck accidents and car accidents are do not have the same claim?

The first reason is that truck drivers are stated are professional drivers engaged with professional work that involves a particular company or brand. They are supposed to hold a higher degree of work experience. Also, cars are small objects used mainly for personal use. Whereas in the case of the truck this is required for carrying heavy metals, machines good, etc from one place to another which also involves a thirds party and ours.

Is the truck driver responsible or the brand concerned?

Well, this particular point is a very complicated point to answer. But as per our experience and law, the truck driver is mainly responsible for the scenario. To say both of them are in a way responsible. But the company can also say that they are responsible only for the damages that are caused.
Well, these were few common questions that we the Leon Legal Group often hear. There is always a chance of new questions arriving but here we have answered just a few common ones.

Points to look into before you file a case

Next moving forward we will discuss one of the most important points that everyone should know. That is how and what are the steps or to say specific points that one must know before they apply or file a case. If the truck company is in any kind of commerce and subject to federal motor carrier safety regulations then there has to be a certain time requirement in which they have kept documentation like driver logs. As soon as the incident may take place one must surely inform the company so that they can bring or preserve all the documentation related to the truck as well as to the driver.

The federal motors carrier safety regulation has such a rule that drivers cannot be on duty at certain hours of the day. Or to say they have restricted duty hours per week. Before filing the case one must see that there were no log violations or other kinds of stuff to avoid any sort of problem. Other deals and situations should be discussed thoroughly before one files a case.

Apart from this point, all we the Leon Legal Group have to say is that drive safe. God has forbidden if any day you face any problem regarding the issue discussed above we would be pleased to help you. You also get many free advice and recommendations at our site hence freely reach out to us.

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