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Uber Accident Attorney Florida

The progressive wave of technology has brought everything ready-to-go on our palms. You can conveniently kick start a hectic workday with a pre-booked ride using the popular ridesharing apps. Uber has become one of the most successful ridesharing apps among the mass. The apps’ popularity is continuing to grow with millions of users worldwide. Florida, Miami is no exception. With millions of visitors coming to the area each year, ridesharing has become the best way for tourists and locals to get around.
However, the Uber drivers are neither professionally trained nor have any prior experience handling driving on private roads. Therefore, your chances of meeting in an Uber accident are as high as if any other vehicle was involved. Uber accidents can be lethal at times. If you have been a victim or know anyone subjected to such an accident, you are also liable for compensation. For filing a lawsuit, all you need is an experienced lawyer who will represent your case.
At Leon Legal Group, you can find some top-notch lawyers who have experience dealing with such cases. An experienced lawyer will add weight to your case and help you from falling into the opponent’s trap. To know more about Uber accidents and our services, keep reading further.

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What Are the Uber Laws in Florida?

In 2017, the Floridian governor designated Uber and other ridesharing companies as Transportation Network Companies. As a result, Ubers are treated differently than other transportation services. There are two essential things to know about Uber:

Ubers Aren’t Common Carriers:
The typical carriers are transportation businesses that carry people from one location to another to exchange fees or fares. They are held to a higher standard of care than others. This makes it easier for the accident victims to recover compensations from them.
Uber also transports people from one location to another, but they are not classified as a common carrier. Therefore, Uber holds no additional legal responsibility for transporting people from one location to another.
Uber Drivers Aren’t Employees:
If you are injured in any public or common transport accident, you can hold both the transport company and the driver responsible for the accident. The primary reason the drivers are typically employees of the companies, the employers can be held accountable for their negligent behaviors.
However, under the Floridian rule, Uber drivers are held as independent contractors of their cars. This lifts any responsibility the Uber company may have if a driver is involved in an accident. Liability shifts away from Uber and squarely onto the shoulders of your Uber driver.

What Are the Damages You Can be Affected by a Uber Accident?

The damages succumb from an Uber accident cannot be neglected. The physical, emotional, and financial costs of the accident can be overwhelming. The money won’t take away your pain but might make your life a bit less stressful. The compensation can be received for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Disability
  • Property damage
  • Rehabilitation
  • Medication
  • Nursing care
  • Disfigurement

Who Can Be Held Responsible for Uber Accident?

Uber Driver:
You can personally file a legal lawsuit against the driver of the specific Uber responsible for your accident. If the accident occurs because of the driver’s negligence, you have the exclusive right to file a case.
A legal lawsuit is the best option if the driver’s insurer refuses to pay you the compensation.
Negligent Drivers:
In an Uber accident, it is not the Uber driver at fault. Other car drivers can be equally responsible for such an accident. If you’re injured, you can file a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation from that other negligent driver.
Companies and Manufacturers:
If you are injured or met with an accident because of faulty tires or the defective brake system of an Uber car, you can file a legal lawsuit against the care manufacturing company. If your airbag failed to open during the accident, then it is the fault of the manufacturers more than anyone else.
Other Third Parties:
Among the various reasons involved in an Uber accident, a third party’s involvement is not at all an unknown fact. Anyone else than the Uber car or any other car involved in the crash is the third party. You can also file a legal lawsuit against the third party for compensation.

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Who should cover the expenses?

Well in this case the truck service provider will surely have insurance. That must be used to cover the insurance.

What to do When Involved in an Uber Accident?

Stay Calm: a car accident is sudden and can be horrifying. What most people do after a car accident is starting being panicked. If you are a victim of an Uber accident, try to stay calm to figure out what has happened to you and what your state is. Get in touch with a doctor or call for help if you are badly injured.
Seek medical assistance: if you have succumbed to grave injuries, the foremost thing is to seek medical help. The doctor will examine you and will give you the tentative medical bill for the damages. The law enforcement officials will also approach you since it is a car accident. If needed, you can call a fire and ambulance for your rescue.
Contact an Uber Accident Attorney: After you have done your investigation, you now need to approach a professional attorney who will handle your case. If you are looking for one, then Leon Legal Group is at your service. Once you book an appointment with our highly-skilled and professional lawyers, they will meet you in person to discuss the case with you.
Arrange all the documents you can relate to the accident. Take pictures if you can help you give evidence and then approach a professional attorney for the case. Why should you choose Leon Legal Group? We at Leon Legal Group have prior experience handling such cases, and our record of accomplishment proves our worth. A victim of the matter is not aware of the judicial laws and their tricks. The opposition party might throw the victim into a new trap, and ultimately they will lose the case. The Leon Legal Group Uber accident attorney Florida knows how to turn the tables. As soon as you book an appointment with them, they will meet you personally to discuss the case and will guide you from the first step. Until then, God forbids you never to fall into such a situation. Stay safe and conscious on the roads!

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