Vehicle Rollover Accident Attorney Florida

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Vehicle Rollover Accident Attorney Florida

Life can be ruthless at times. In a blink of an eye, your car can hit a bend or a slick patch and can tumble all the way to fall far away. You might feel it is a rare affair; however, the reality of such a catastrophic accident will jolt your heart. According to the statistics of 2017, Florida witnessed 1,836 reportable overturned vehicle crashes, 912 severe injuries that debilitated victims, and 175 deaths.

In most cases, it is the driver’s mistake or negligence that causes such a horrifying incident. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration encountered 2.1% rollover accidents in Florida, out of which 35% were due to driver’s fault. However, several other aspects conspire against rollover accidents like defective vehicle design, poor-quality tires, pathetic roadways, or other irresponsible vehicle drivers.

The injuries sustained in a rollover accident can be so fatal that they can damage the victim’s entire life and eventually their families. If the victim is the sole earning member of the family, then a sudden financial crisis breaks down. We can understand how difficult the time can be when we see our loved ones in such a deadly state where they might be fighting with life to survive. The severe neck or back injury may lead the victim’s life into absolute dismal or paralysis. The sustained injuries can destroy their career forever.

The Leon Legal Group is a group of professional and highly-experienced lawyers in Miami, Florida, who might not help you recover quickly but can guide you when it is about compensation money or justice against rollover accidents. We pledge to stand by you from the very first step.

What Are Common Causes of Rollover Accidents?

Rollover accidents are unlike common road accidents. It happens when the vehicle’s roof’s weight acts in tandem with the lateral forces to overturn the car. Depending on the impact’s intensity, the vehicle might tumble none to multiple times. Ultimately the position on which it will rest will prove the vehicle’s structural integrity.

According to National Transportation reports, 85% of rollover accidents involve only one vehicle. That means collision is not the primary reason for rollover accidents. The most common cause has been the vehicles running at high-speed trips over some obstructions near the road. Such obstacles can be uneven pavement, potholes, sudden bumps, gouges in the road, and even lumps of soil that can cause sudden tripping of the vehicle.

Generally, excessively loaded trucks are prone to rollover accidents. The drivers fail to keep their speed while driving on the highways and ultimately toppled down with all the belongings. The grip of the tires plays a vital role while going. Outdates tires lose the grooves on their surfaces and cannot form grip on the roads. Despite the advancement in car architecture, several structural flaws are discovered from time to time that heavily backfires the driver.

Injuries Sustained In A Rollover Accident are:

The list of injuries can range from major to life taking. Here are few prevalent injuries:

  • Spinal Cord Injury, leading to lifetime paralysis.
  • Back Injury
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Neck and Shoulder Injury
  • Amputations
  • Fatality
  • Coma

Whatever be the cause of rollover accident injuries, our attorney always there to be by your side and provide you with the best option.

What should you do after a car accident?

Of course, we would hope you are never in a car accident, to begin with, but if you are, here are a list of the steps you should take after you have been involved in a car accident. Keep in mind these are suggestions and not actual legal advice.

How To Know If You Are A Victim Of Rollover Accident:

Every Auto accident injury is eligible for a PIP insurance claim. If you were a passenger in a vehicle that overturned and caused you several injuries, you would have the legal right to use your PIP policy to repay the damages.

Liability for other types of accidents depends on whether you are seriously injured or whether any negligence was involved. Potential parties you can seek for third-party liability claims include:

  • The driver of the vehicles, if they were under the influence.
  • The diver of other vehicles if they were involved in the accident
  • The car manufacturers and the company are responsible for the unsafe and faulty design.
  • Manufactures or retailers of the defective tires.
  • The people responsible for maintaining the roadways, if the road was involved in tripping of the vehicle.
  • Other possible parties, carpool or rideshare company if the accident happens while you were in such a car.

Leon Legal Group attorneys have dealt with all the above cases. They are experienced with the different circumstances and can help you evaluate all the legal options to provide you with the maximum compensation amount.

Rights You Own After Rollover Vehicle Accident Florida:

Since we have covered all the plausible points till now, here are the rights that you must be aware of and perform after a rollover vehicle accident in Florida. Your legal right options will depend on the circumstances under which you met with the accident. The degree of your injuries sustained will also affect the lawsuit filed by you. If you are also responsible for the accident and your opponent party proves it, then the compensation amount will get reduced. However, if the accident happened entirely for the other party’s negligence, you can file a lawsuit for 100% compensation.Be wary of dealing with insurers; saying the wrong thing could hurt your ability to seek the full amount of compensation available. Accepting an early offer can also make it impossible to seek a claim for additional damages. If you are looking for a professional lawsuit attorney for the same, then we recommend contacting the best attorneys in the state; The Leon Legal Group.

The attorneys of Leon Legal Group will represent your case in court and provide insightful advice regarding your entire matter. You can rest assure with the attorneys from the very first step of your case. They will never leave behind a single loophole for the opponent to bounce back in the case.

So if you are searching for a rollover vehicle accident, Florida then contacts Leon Legal Group today. Till then, we advise you to drive safely, and God forbids if you ever face any problem regarding the issue discussed above, do not hesitate to approach Leon Legal Group. We would be pleased to help you with our free advice and recommendation.

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