John Leon Esq. has been recognized as a national corporate Crisis Management authority.
Below are recent articles regarding his work in this field.


CIO Bulletin Spoke to John Leon, Esq., CEO of The Law Offices of John Leon.

John’s drive has attracted a good amount of recognition over the years including being named a “Key Player” in Miami by one publication and “Lawyer of The Year ” by another. John has also been recognized among the top 1% of all attorneys in the country and as head of one of the best law firm in the United States by other industry trades. READ MORE

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According to Studies Cited by John Leon, Insurance Premiums Will Increase an Average of 25%.

Diario Las Americas spoke with John Leon, “Requiring drivers to carry bodily injury coverage,” BI, “Is likely to immediately drive up auto insurance costs and result in millions of dollars.” Drivers would be left without policies.” “When the state of Colorado repealed its PIP, it saw a 16% increase in uninsured drivers. Something that can happen in Florida where currently 20% of motorists lack insurance,” he noted. READ MORE

Attorney John Leon Tells Insurance Teams How to Prepare during a Crisis.

“John. It’s not every day that we have access to a leading attorney who specializes in crisis communications, so let’s dive right in. Insurance marketing and communications teams are used to handling crisis communications, but the pandemic really tested our preparedness. Before we discuss strategy, can you tell us how you define a crisis?” READ MORE

Facing a Corporate Crisis? Here’s How to Respond

A corporate crisis is like a rapidly spreading virus that can infect various aspects of your company if not properly and expeditiously handled, corporate crisis management attorney John Leon says. A crucial thing to keep in mind though is that there is no fixed formula in dealing with all corporate crises. These are often complex situations with several different personalities caught in a web of constantly moving parts. READ MORE

The Evolution of Crisis Management During Trying Times:

Prior to the ongoing global pandemic, companies across America and the world had already turned to crisis management experts in a major way; According to a PWC survey, over 74% of companies that faced a major crisis from 2014 to 2019 sought outside help during a serious episode. READ MORE

Attorney John Leon: Five Things You Need To Be A Highly Effective Leader During Turbulent Times

During the first eight months of my career, I had already worked on over fifteen jury trials. In 2003, I founded my own firm where I found myself representing or dealing with several Fortune 500 companies. READ MORE

We Spoke to John Leon, Attorney on Being an Effective Leader During Turbulent Times

Years ago, I won a jury trial. After that jury trial, the opposing party and their attorneys sought to overturn the jury’s verdict at a special hearing. Their motion was lengthy and complex. In response to their motion not set aside the jury verdict, I wrote a lengthy response that started as all motions do, with a summation of the facts of the case from the initial dispute between the parties to the eventual trial years later. READ MORE
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The Art of Crisis Management: How Prominent Attorney John Leon Helps Companies Resolve Unforeseen Crises

In business, a crisis is never far away. Whether it’s a natural disaster, a product recall, or allegations of fraud, companies face all sorts of unforeseen problems that can threaten their bottom line. When these events occur, which they inevitably will, top companies turn to attorney John Leon and his firm to help them resolve the crisis and limit the damage; Mr. Leon is a nationally recognized crisis management expert who has helped companies and individuals weather all storms, from high-profile investigations to complex litigation and negotiations. READ MORE

Why John Leon is Widely Recognized As a Different Breed of Attorney

From a young age, it was clear that John Leon was destined to be a problem solver, and somebody to take affirmative action. The man who was tenacious and decisive as a youngster and, today, has a stellar reputation within the legal profession and is making waves in the legal industry thanks to his unorthodox approach to counselling and litigation which involves in depth understanding and preparation prior to each and every case, as no battle is the same. READ MORE

The Law Offices of John Leon: A Diligent, Committed, and Capable Resource For Crisis Management

American courts have witnessed a snowballing of civil cases, with over 300,000 filed annually in recent years. Personal injury claims, contract disputes, and employment discrimination issues remain at the forefront of the cases that amass the $300 billion national price tag. With 95% of cases resolved through out-of-court settlements, at a median of $100,000 per lawsuit, civil justice requires experts in these times of crises.   READ MORE

The Law Offices of John Leon: A National Leader in Pre-emptive Crisis Management

Until the specter of uncertainty becomes THE viral moment, the overlooked world of crisis management is often left unexplored. Few contemplate the need for a crisis management attorney until the turmoil of unanticipated incidents upsets the relative calm of daily business.  READ MORE

The Law Offices of John Leon: A Lighthouse on the Shores of Crisis

The Law Offices of John Leon is a comprehensive civil litigation firm strategically focused on Crisis Management, Healthcare, Corporate Law, and Personal Injury Law. The Miami based attorney has litigated From Sea to Shining Sea, South America, and the Caribbean for two decades while collecting an impressive array of accolades along the way. READ MORE

Rehabilitating Crisis: The Pioneering Journey of The Law Offices of John Leon in Healthcare-Corporate Law Crisis Management

Attorney John Leon, Esq. boasts decades of experience in medical malpractice defense, insurance defense, commercial litigation, employment law, regulatory matters, administrative law, governmental procurement, federal and legislative affairs, land use, and zoning. READ MORE

The Law Offices of John Leon: A Diligent, Committed, and Capable Resource For Crisis Management

Being the first (and only) Healthcare-Corporate Law Crisis Management firm in your state provides both a colossal sense of pride and an enormous weight. The pride arises from initiating a novel approach that satisfies an underserved need in the legal market. READ MORE
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Triumph Above Everything: How Star Attorney John Leon Became The Secret Weapon Of Corporate Power Players

John Leon always possessed the ability to influence and define outcomes. A man who has earned a superior reputation within the legal profession, his skill set and unparalleled effectiveness are the products of an insatiable hunger; The drive to achieve professional mastery, and to win at all costs. Defeat is simply not an option for Mr. Leon, it has never been. READ MORE
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How Corporate Attorney John Leon Became a Key Player in High Stakes Litigation

John Leon is a top-notch corporate litigator with an impeccable track record. With his wealth of experience, John has navigated the treacherous and often murky waters of corporate litigation with ease and grace. His astute knowledge of company structures, attention to detail, thorough understanding of the law, extensive knowledge of all aspects of litigation, and meticulous research skills have made him one of today’s most valued litigators in America. READ MORE