Filing a lawsuit or attorney is a costly affair. The fees are reasonably high for attorneys. Some of the attorneys charge fees per hour. Some of them have flat fees due to their services, and others only charge if you win the case, i.e. contingent fees. Now the question arises what is a free consultation with the lawyer and how does it work? Basically, a free consultation is meeting where lawyers will genuinely hear your case and problems. They will give you some basic initial thoughts about your case without charging anything. Basically, it’s the chance of the clients to see if that lawyer is perfect for you or not. This free consultation will give you an indication of whether or not this lawyer is suitable for the situation. So it is your decision to recruit the lawyer or not. Likewise, attorneys will have the right to hear your case and select whether or not they wish to take on your case. Be sure to check all the terms and conditions before scheduling a free consultation, so that there is no hassle later.

How to Find Right Attorney

 This is the most common issue that many clients are concerned about. If you are interested in the case of personal injuries and you wish to employ a lawyer, so it is important that you do the homework so that you find the best lawyer for your case. You can start by looking in the attorney directories or online. Not every lawyer is perfect for a personal injury case. Some cases need more experience than others so you will have to select the attorneys according to it. Make sure to make a free consultation before hiring an attorney. If you appoint an attorney, make sure your attorney has the following characteristics:

  • Experience: In the case of personal injury legislation, it is important to opt for the experienced lawyer as some cases may be a little typical.
  • Understanding: Be sure your lawyer acknowledges your point and is open to your viewpoint or ideas.
  • Ability to Communicate: Communication is the most important in the lawsuits, Make sure they are able to communicate their knowledge to you i.e. it is easily understandable to you.
  • Availability: Make sure to confirm the availability of an attorney not just for the hearing but also for your consultation.
  • References: Do not be hesitant to ask for the references. Ask what kind of cases they have handled.
  • Reasonable Fees: Some of the lawyers might charge very high so make sure you select the attorney that is in your budget.

Things You Should Know About Personal Injury Consultation

 What Information to Bring: One of the biggest concerns among the client is when they are heading for consultation is that, how much detail they should provide. It is recommended that the client should supply their attorneys with every detail. If you are unaware of the importance in that situation, you can communicate the same with your lawyer and he will tell you whether it is beneficial or not while ensuring that you carry the details that are important to the case. You can bring the following information to your attorney:


  1. Photographs and videos
  2. Information about any witness
  3. Cash Reports
  4. Copy of your health information card
  5. Any information regarding the insurance company
  6. If you have taken any notes regarding the case
  7. Any medical records relevant to the case


The more information you bring the better it will be for your case as it will be helpful for your attorney to sort out everything and do their best for the case.


  • The Statute Of Limitations: There is a statute of limitation in Florida that the cases must be bought within the particular time frame of the occurrence. The impact of this statute on your case will be important for those who are seeking the counseling as this may take some time. Though this is great for someone who will pursue the case immediately after the accident.
  • How Accident Happened: When you are taking consultation from the attorney make sure to explain how the accident happened in the detail. Sometimes attorney might ask you to draw the rough diagram on how the accident happened so that the picture is absolutely clear to the attorney. Before appearing for the consultation it will be helpful if you note down some important information regarding witnesses, investigating officers or anything related to the case that might be helpful. You can also click a few photographs of the necessary information. When taking the initial consultation with the attorney make sure to discuss and tell all the vital information.
  • Your Injuries and Treatment: If there is any kind of injury or there is any treatment going that is related to the case then make sure to tell this in detail to your lawyer. Make sure to tell the complete details like If you were admitted to the hospital when you were first treated If any tests have been done and much more. The detail about your injuries and treatment will help your lawyer to understand the complete case.
  • Ask The Questions: When you are taking the consultation with your attorney make sure you ask the questions so that you can understand the complete case and what will be its impact on you. Here are the following questions that you must ask from your attorney.
  1. Do I Need a lawyer for this case?
  2. How long will this case take?
  3. Will My Medical Expenses get paid and how?
  4. What if the adjuster calls?
  5. If I hire you to take my case, what can I expect?
  • Where Do We Come From Here: Now the biggest issue that emerges whether you continue to hire the attorney after the first appointment is how you can go forward? The documents would have to be finished and the agreement signed. Before signing, make sure to read the document and inquire if any question remains. The time frame would be different in different situations.